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If your child is struggling with accessing mainstream schools and requires an individual educational plan that addresses their educational, developmental and functional living skills in a more intensive and one-on-one manner, then our School Program could be the answer at this stage of their development!

Al-Masar’s School Program is licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education to provide its services for school-age students with developmental disorders, neurological dysfunctions or learning difficulties within various ranges of difficulty.

School hours are 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. Your child’s attendance hours will be determined according to age, as well as their individual needs and capabilities. The school also offers an optional summer program for your child.

Our general aim is to enable students to achieve their highest possible levels of functional independence and reach their full potential in all aspects of their development through:


  • Providing students with highly structured and individualized special education services.

  • Providing students with individualized therapeutic services within the fields of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and behavioral therapy. More information about each of the therapies is provided here.

  • Transitioning students to mainstream schools whenever possible.

  • Integrating students within their communities.

  • Providing students with optimal experiences and opportunities within a safe, nurturing and happy environment.

School Curriculum


The curriculum of the Jordanian Ministry of Education is used with modifications according to individual needs and is supplemented with programs designed for students with special educational needs. At the beginning of each academic year, your child’s team designs a comprehensive and integrated individual plan. The plan is subject to ongoing modification throughout the year on a need basis but is formally assessed at the end of each semester.


The main focus is on developing children’s functional life skills, and functional academics that include reading, writing and mathematics. Topics such as science and social studies are introduced in an applied thematic manner with elaboration according to capabilities.


The curriculum also includes adapted physical education, computer, art, drama, music as well as prevocational, social and daily living skills.


During school hours students receive physical, occupational, behavioral and speech therapy sessions according to their needs, on an individual or group basis. Students requiring more intensive therapy may receive extra sessions after school hours or on Saturdays.



Students applying to Al-Masar School undergo a thorough initial assessment. This assessment guides the Al-Masar team and the family in determining whether the student is appropriate for placement at Al-Masar School or at another educational setting in the community. If the student is to attend Al-Masar School, the assessment will also guide in setting the individual educational and therapeutic plan.


Students at Al-Masar are grouped into classes according to age levels and capabilities. However, while executing the various educational, social, recreational and therapeutic school activities, students are sub-grouped within their class or across classes, depending on their demonstrated skills and abilities. These subgroups are designed with the optimal goal of providing the highest rates of learning.

Inclusion in mainstream schools


In preparation for full integration, the student’s team first works on partially integrating them into private mainstream schools, whereby students accompanied by Al-Masar staff members attend these schools for certain hours each week. The aim is to prepare the students for academic and social integration.


Whenever ready for full integration, students at Al-Masar are transitioned into mainstream schools in the community, with support and follow up from Al-Masar’s Inclusion Services to ensure a smooth transition and maintain a successful learning experience.

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