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About Us

  • A leading center in the community for diagnosing and supporting students with specific learning difficulties.

  • Our diagnostic assessments are recognized by international educational boards like IB and IGCSE.

  • Our mission is to facilitate the learning experiences of students with specific learning difficulties.

With the right support challenges will turn into assets


  • We focus on students with average or above average intelligence whose brains process information differently. Accordingly, they may struggle with specific areas of learning like: reading, spelling, math, writing and organizational skills; yet they often excel in areas requiring creativity and innovation.

  • We provide our students with educational and therapeutic services that build on their strengths to bridge the gaps in academic performance, and enhance their independent study skills.

  • Our ultimate goal is a student feeling good about themself and their achievements, capable of independently studying for school and university, recognizes their strengths and advocates for themself.

Our Services

  • We use state-of-the-art remedial programs and curriculums designed specifically for students with specific learning differences.

  • Our services are conducted by a group of passionate, well trained and qualified teachers and therapists.

  • We tailor our intervention to meet the individual and unique needs of each student following thorough psycho-educational testing.

Psycho-educational testing is important to explain the challenges faced by the student and better plan for successful learning experiences. This involves gathering an extensive developmental and educational history, administering formal standardized tools of cognitive abilities and academic achievement, as well as informal testing.

Through the assessment, student's underlying abilities (i.e., working memory, processing speed, information processing, phonological awareness, visual processing, language processing) and academic achievement levels are identified, and the synthesis of results confirms or rules out the presence of specific learning difficulties. The student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses, learning and problem-solving techniques are also identified. Results are then conveyed in a comprehensive report with recommendations.

Diagnostic Assessments

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Tutoring at I Learn is based on the thorough assessment results of the student and aims to build skills in a remedial and effective way. We address reading, spelling, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, critical thinking, math, reasoning and expressive writing.

We use multi-sensory structured approaches linking auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic senses in an individualized manner, utilizing state-of-the-art remedial programs and curricula that are research based and designed to meet the individual needs and learning styles of our students. Examples on programs we use include: Alpha to Omega, Units of Sound, Lindamood-Bell Programs (Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing, On Cloud Nine), and حروفي الأولى.

One-on-one Tutoring

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Students may receive tutoring within a group of three or four students, whereby they alternate between receiving one-on-one tutoring and doing independent computer-based learning using research-based software that enhance literacy, numeracy and typing skills.

Small Group Tutoring

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Students with specific learning difficulties often struggle with executive functioning skills (i.e., organization, time management, etc.), affecting their study skills. Since we aim to empower our students to become independent learners, we provide study skills training either through indirect yet individualized one-on-one tutoring, or through study skills workshops delivered to groups of 2-5 students. The training aims to teach students specific strategies related to setting goals, managing time, getting organized, listening effectively, taking notes, etc., which will ultimately improve their studying skills.

Study Skills


We welcome opportunities to work with our students’ school teachers upon request, with the goal of collaborating in addressing their educational needs. We believe that exchanging knowledge is extremely beneficial to facilitate the progress of students. As such we provide teachers’ workshops that address enhancing their skills in working with students with specific learning difficulties.

School Support

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