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Al-Masar (Child Development Services) offers educational and therapeutic support to children with a diverse range of needs, whether due to learning difficulties, developmental delays, developmental disorders or neurological dysfunctions, to help them reach their full potential. Here, you can stop your search for the support your child and family may need.


We are not a one size fits all institution; we recognize that every child and family is unique.

We therefore take a holistic approach to evaluation and treatment, assessing each child’s developmental level and underlying differences in order to better understand challenges, strengths and learning styles. We develop individualized plans that maximize your child’s achievement, community integration and functional independence. We have modern facilities and highly trained professionals to provide a full range of specialized services, all under one roof.


Therapy Services

Serves students enrolled in various schools in the community, as well as students attending our Early Intervention and School programs. Following assessment, your child can benefit from our one-on-one or group therapy in one or more of the following: Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Therapy.

At Al-Masar, your child has access to support across a variety of services, all of which are specially equipped to cater to their needs.

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Early Intervention Program

Serves children 0-5 years old, offering a comprehensive program that includes individualized therapy services, and pre-school groups.

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School Program

Is licensed by the Ministry of Education as a school for students with special educational needs. We work with our students following individual educational plans that are tailored to address all areas of development and learning.

Inclusion Services

Includes provision of therapy services in the students’ natural environment (nurseries and schools), and provision of shadow teachers with ongoing supervision to ensure inclusion success.

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Community Services

Participation in community awareness activities through workshops and talks...etc., as well as provide training opportunities for university students.

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