“After two years and a half of occupational therapy, my daughter improved beyond my expectations as a mother. She is now more able to stay focused and maintain eye contact, as well as eat and use the toilet independently. The best achievement of all was the improvement in her ability to talk and show affection to members of the family. I am grateful to Al-Masar administration and staff for their efforts, and for excelling in their diagnosis of my daughter, the treatment they administered, and their follow up with her.” Lara Aref




“Al -Masar is a special place with special staff for our very special jewels. I can't imagine how our life would be without Al-Masar. The staff is very professional, understanding and humane. What more would a family with a special needs kid ask for? Thank you all for being here for us and with us.” Ahmed Hussein




"Our greatest of thanks for your staff and its support of our family. We are grateful to God for His provision of such a facility in the Middle East. You are to be commended on your forward thinking and servant hearts".  Pam Simmons



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