Our Story 


Al-Masar (Child Development Services) was established in 2006 in Amman, Jordan by a group of experienced professionals passionate about the fields of rehabilitation and special education. Recognizing a dearth of comprehensive and quality services for children with special needs, Al-Masar was founded with the vision to be a center of excellence that recruits the highest caliber of professionals providing children with special needs and their families with a comprehensive range of educational and therapeutic services. 


Today, Al-Masar (Child Development Services) is a regional leader in providing individualized and interdisciplinary educational and therapeutic services to children, all under one roof. Our students work with a passionate and committed team that helps them achieve their highest potential. Parents, rest assured that our team is continuously up to date with the latest research, approaches and techniques and operates at high standards of competence equal to reputable international institutions.

Our Philosophy


Al-Masar’s philosophy is based on respecting the individuality and dignity of each child.

  • We believe that children with developmental challenges should be given every opportunity to develop to their full potential.

  • We believe that children with developmental difficulties can be most effectively helped to reach their maximum potential through the interdisciplinary team work of a comprehensive range of educational and rehabilitation specialties.

  • We believe in employing a family-centered approach in delivering our services, where parents are an integral part of our team.

  • We strongly support the active participation of all children in natural settings within their communities. Accordingly, we emphasize community integration, and aim to transition our students to mainstream education whenever possible.

Al-Masar Family


Parallel to our vision of recruiting the highest caliber in the fields of special education and rehabilitation, we believe that it takes more than qualifications and experience to become part of the Al-Masar family. The complex needs of children require that those who serve them show competence, creativity and commitment. Our hiring process strongly depends on the applicants’ attitude towards continuous learning and development, as well as willingness to work closely with parents and other team members, among other things. Today, a diverse team of staff members specialized across different disciplines proudly serve our children. All our 65 members hold degrees recognized by national and international bodies within their specialty areas. Al-Masar also takes pride in being the employer of choice for professionals committed to special education and rehabilitation.

Management Team




Al-Masar is located in Khalda, a central area in West Amman. To ensure safe, clean and comfortable indoor and outdoor environments for children, Al-Masar is carefully designed with proper heating, ventilation and fire protection devices. It is also accessible for wheelchair users.


The building consists of three stories and a basement. Facilities include: spacious classrooms that can accommodate 8-12 students in each class, therapy rooms for one-on-one and group sessions, a multipurpose room, large kitchen, exercise room, and an art and drama area. The building is well furnished and equipped with state-of-the-art resources and materials.


The outdoor facilities are designed as a comfortable playground space and a site for physical education.



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